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Manchester In Person Sessions​

Prestwich Holistic Centre OR Whitefield & Radcliffe Holistic Centre

  • 1 hour: £50

  • 90 minutes: £80 (recommended for first session)

  • One off transformative session: £99 (2 hours) - these sessions are mostly requested as they are more holistic and intuitive. They can include EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Psychological Wellbeing advice, and Spiritual guidance with Oracle cards and Crystals.

  • Online sessions are available - These sessions are charged at £10 less than face-to-face.

Please note:

  • A £10 deposit will be taken for 1 hour face to face sessions, £20 for 90mins - 2hrs. These fees will be taken off the overall session price.

  • I am willing to be flexible on prices for lower income individuals and students.

  • Block booking options available with a discounted rate.

New Clients

Please enquire for a free phone call consultation before booking a session.

Before the first session you will be emailed a client form to fill out. This consists of gathering some initial information, details on cancellations and a confidentiality agreement.

I am also always happy to discuss any adjustments you may need in the sessions to suit your individual needs.

Children's Services

I am passionate about children's wellbeing and therefore offer tailored services to meet you & your child's needs. Prices are affordable and sessions can be as little as 30 mins. I can also offer advice to parents/guardians for their children, as well as teaching both parents and children EFT together.

 EFT is suitable at all ages and Matrix Reimprinting over 7 years old. Both can help your child feel calmer, more confident, focused, and happier. It can help them sleep better, communicate better and feel better within themselves. Tapping can be performed on a teddy bear instead of the child for same results. Please enquire for more information. (Adult supervision needed for children's therapy)

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT, also known as tapping therapy, can be done on its own without Matrix Reimprinting to clear negative emotions and blocked energy in our system. You will tap through specific acupressure points on your body whilst focusing on the thought or emotion. It helps to look over the tapping points before a session to get familiar, but I will always tap along with you so you can follow me. EFT is based on the idea that negative emotions are caused by disruptions in our body’s energy system. Tapping will help release these blockages and restore balance. There is also an aspect of talking therapy involved to help you understand your mind and feelings through the process. EFT can also be used when feeling anxious as an instant way to calm the body down, or alongside positive affirmations for a greater manifestation effect.

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting goes one step further to rewrite your subconscious and make powerful changes to your belief system. Identifying negative emotions and thoughts with EFT is often the first step in Matrix Reimprinting. The key is to explore when you have felt such feelings before or where the emotions could be linked to in your childhood memories. We develop core beliefs during our childhood which will play out subconsciously through our lives. Some beliefs will no longer serve us and clearing and rewriting them with Matrix Reimprinting can cause your reality and experiences in the present day to shift positively! For example, you may have developed a belief that it is best not to speak up or speak your truth in childhood, and in the present day you may find it hard to speak up. Resolving the early memories where we developed the belief can reduce or even eliminate the fear of speaking up in life at present. We use tapping throughout the process to go into the memories and resolve beliefs with our younger self (the echo). This is such a powerful process as energetically you will create big shifts by communicating with your younger self. We can then rewrite the memory in a positive way and energetically ‘reimprint’ this into our energy system by imaging it throughout all our cells in our body and projecting out through our heart space. You will then put out this new belief and memory into the universe. Matrix Reimprinting and EFT together is a powerful tool to overcome emotional blocks and achieve greater happiness and fulfilment in life.

Transformative Session: £99 (2 hours). These sessions are intuitive and may include EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Psychological Wellbeing advice, and Spiritual guidance with Oracle cards and Crystals. 

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